Dandelion Salve

From the Kitchen of Staffer Dee Daughtery

Trying my hand at making some dandelion salve to have on hand to help with skin irritations from bug bites and to use for aches and pains associated with an active summer lifestyle!
What you’ll need:
*Dandelion blooms that are pesticide-free
*Olive, almond or carrier oil of your choice
*Glass jars with lids for infusing and storing (you may also use tins to store the final product in).
*Organic white beeswax pellets
I’m using a non-heat method and here’s the procedure that I’m following:
-Collect your dandelion blooms (you can remove the green leaves but I left them on). Check for, and remove any insects or dirt.
-Lay the blooms out on a screen or dry them in a dehydrator to rid them of moisture – I dried mine on a screen for 3 days until dry and wilted.
-Pack a pint or quart jar with the wilted blooms and cover with olive oil, or oil of your choice. Place a lid on the jar and store in a dark place in your pantry for 4-6 weeks, shaking the jar occasionally.
-After 4-6 weeks, strain the oil into another clean glass jar using a fine mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth; making sure the oil is completely clean of debris.
-Mix 1 cup of infused oil with 3 TBS of white beeswax pellets and add up to 20 drops of quality, grade A essential oil of your choice (optional).
-I don’t have a double boiler, so I will fill a sauce pan with a few inches of water and place my jar of oil, beeswax and essential oil into the pan and heat the mixture on the stove on low to medium/low heat until all ingredients are melted and combined. You can periodically stir the mixture to help incorporate ingredients.
-Using a potholder, remove and dry the outside of the jar from the sauce pan and carefully pour the mixture into clean, dry tins or small jars and let cool before covering them with a lid.
-Store in a cool, dark place.
Again, this is a first for me so I welcome your tips and tricks if you’ve made and love Dandelion Salve!

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