Dem Bones, Dem Bones!

‘Dem Bones…’Dem Bones!

“Don’t let those bones go to waste! Make bone broth ice cubes to use later in recipes and sauces!

There are so many great vitamins and minerals in those bones people toss out. We luckily have a meat band saw to cut through our big moose bones but we’ve done it by hand too.

I cut them in 2-3 inch chunks to get to the marrow. Spread them in a tray with leeks, onions, garlic and smoke them at 200 for 2-3 hours. Than dump them in a large pot with water and simmer for 12-24 hours. Strain the broth and ladle into silicon cupcake trays and freeze. Pop them out once frozen and store in a ziplock in the freezer. Super easy and makes sauces so much richer and flavorful!”

📸 Provider Staffer- Becky Henderson Gerretsen


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