Lemongrass…Tips & Recipes!


Dee Norleen, Provider Staffer and owner of Sun Rae Herbals has some GREAT tips on Lemongrass!

“In the garden harvesting the AMAZING Lemongrass! We prize it for its wonderful aroma and ability to repel insects, but it is so much more. Lemongrass is an excellent herb for nervous exhaustion, pain and fever. It’s loaded with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. This gem of a plant improves digestion, and liver/kidney/spleen function. It is antimicrobial and capable of eliminating viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Topping off its valuable qualities is it’s ability to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure!”

Tips and Recipe: Lemongrass thrives with regular watering and is easy to grow in zones 8 or warmer, otherwise try it in pots and winter indoors. Add 1 cup chopped herb to 6 cups boiling water. Cover and steep for 20 minutes. Add honey and strain. Drink hot or pour over ice. A DELICIOUS treat for body, mind and spirit!

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