Springtime Foraging- Provider Style

🌿🌱Wild foraging always provides. Spring has our Wild Oats, Avena fatua, bursting with milky oat heads for our nervous system well-being.

These seeds, as well as the straw of the plant, are known to be our best restorative for nervous exhaustion, mild depression, substance abuse, neurological pain and chronic illnesses. Soothes and cools tissues in heat or allergenic states, lifts the spirit, and balances the physical and mental body. This plant is nutrient dense and anti-spasmodic, which makes it wonderfully useful for flu when vomiting is present.

If you’re suffering long term stress or high anxiety this is your tea! Gather when the heads express their milky goodness. — Provider Staffer and owner of Sun Rae Herbals, Dee Norleen🌿🌱

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