Yarrow Tips…From Provider Staffer, Dee Norleen


Great tips on yarrow from Provider Fan, Dee Norleen, owner of Sun Rae Herbals! Read on!

“Yarrow is now blooming in most areas. This vital herb is one to have in your first aid kit. It’s known as the GREAT BLOOD MOVER, and has played a vital role in our history as a battlefield medicine. Yarrow staunches blood flow, provides local anesthesia and cleanses wounds. All above ground parts are useful in eliminating toxins and infections from the body. In fever, yarrow brings on sweating, and is favored amongst herbalists for its many healing properties. Traditionally yarrow has been used internally and externally for a plethora of ailments ranging from sore throat to kidney and liver dysfunction. It literally purifies the blood, improves circulation, stimulates digestion, soothes tissue, and tones the body. Try it on poison ivy or any kind of skin eruption or burn, and remember it’s usefulness next time you encounter fever or wound care. Simply put, yarrow is one to seek out and know!”



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